Day 2 Check-In: LDC thinking so far

We’re one day away from presenting draft recommendations towards an update of Marana’s Land Use Development Code (LDC). Here’s where we are in the process (click for larger view):


Among the takeaways from meetings with Town officials and citizens over the first two days of our four-day workshop are these priorities:

  • Keep it simple: Rules should be clear enough for everyone to know what’s expected of them.
  • Recognize realities: The code should make it easy to do what the vision endorses and what are already considered good practices.
  • Aim for a balance between flexibility and predictability: Rules should be flexible enough to adapt to shifting realities (like the real estate market), yet precise enough to build confidence in ways future development plans are likely to unfold.

In Wednesday meetings with citizens interested in business development, agriculture, environmental issues, and neighborhood concerns, the team drilled more deeply into community hopes and concerns. How might an updated LDC address some of those issues? Here’s a video sample of what we heard from those representing the interests of farmers and builders and developers:

For the new land development rules to enjoy long-range success, it’s clear they must recognize the rural farming traditions and suburban land use patterns that have contributed to Marana’s appeal while, at the same time, enable new approaches that make the most of the opportunities growth provides. The idea is to add choices for new development patterns — like options for a more compact, walkable, mixed-use development scheme in the designated Downtown area — without inhibiting popular suburban options or strategies for open space conservation.

During open houses on Thursday, the consulting team will discuss ideas for achieving that kind of balance. Go here to see the schedule for the work-in-progress reviews on Thursday and for the concluding discussion on Friday evening that will incorporate community feedback.

Please join us in person if you can. But if your schedule conflicts with these participation opportunities, you can keep up with the project’s process on this website and comment or ask questions online.

Got questions or ideas on the project so far?