LDC Workshop Kicks Off: Building on Marana’s vision

img_7996First task for the consulting team assisting the Town of Marana with the update of its Land Development Code (LDC): Make sure the goals outlined in the Town’s Strategic Plan and General Plan still reflect the Town’s vision for how to grow into the future.

So on the opening night of the four-day LDC workshop on Tuesday, November 15, PlaceMakers project manager Susan Henderson explained the LDC update process and tested previous plans’ priorities with an informal survey. The overarching question:

Can we assume at the workshop’s outset a consensus for creating new tools for guiding a broader range of development options, especially in the area designated as Marana’s new Downtown?

A keypad survey of some 50 attendees at the workshop opener, including Town Council members and Planning and Zoning Commissioners, is by no means a scientific poll. Still, poll results suggest priorities for the LDC rewrite remain in line with vision elements that emerged from the General and Strategic Plans. No surprises.

View and download the evening’s presentation here, and the results of the polling exercise here.

With basic assumptions affirmed, the remainder of the four-day workshop can explore a broad range of design and coding strategies consistent with the community vision. On Wednesday, November 16, there are four public meetings intended to better inform the team on challenges and opportunities related to commerce, agricultural heritage, neighborhood development and the environment. For details about meeting schedules, both for today and throughout the week, go here.

By Friday evening’s closing presentation, we should be well on our way to a consensus for the framework of the new LDC. Town Manager Gilbert Davidson explains the importance of the process and how it will guide Marana’s future growth:

We’d love to have you at the public meetings planned throughout the week. But if you can’t attend in person, follow progress on these web pages. We’ll be posting reports of the previous day’s events through Saturday, November 19.

Got questions or ideas on the project so far?