Time to Review Initial LDC Ideas: Friday, Nov. 18, at Town Hall

After four days of listening to citizens’ hopes and concerns, we’re ready to preview potential recommendations for updating Marana’s Land Development Code.

The presentation and community critique will be Friday evening, November 18, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall. More schedule details are here. And here’s how it plays out:

We’re at the beginning stage of the Code rewrite, a process that is scheduled to wrap in May of 2017. (Click image below for larger view.)


During this week’s workshop, we began with a Tuesday check-in to confirm support for the foundational documents of Marana’s vision, the General Plan and the Strategic Plan. If you want to review their respective goals, you can download each document here. That’s an important step because everything we’re doing to update the Land Development Code (LDC) is designed to more efficiently enable the goals in those Plans.

On Wednesday, in public discussion groups focusing on the environment, farming, business issues, and neighborhood concerns, we drilled down more deeply into those topics.

View and download the focus group summary notes:
Commerce | Environmental | Farming | Neighborhoods

Taking that input, together with the broad goals from Marana’s two foundational Plans, we assembled the first round of emerging LDC recommendations. And at our Thursday open house meetings, we tested those ideas with folks who dropped by to check out the work in progress. (Click image below for larger view.)


Next steps

All that leads us to Friday evening, when we’ll present additional details within our emerging framework. And assuming they meet with the community’s approval, the process will continue.

But again, remember: We remain at an early stage of drafting the Land Development Code update. There will be plenty of opportunities over the next few months to clarify and refine the recommendations. But your participation at Friday’s wrap-up will help us test initial ideas. So please join us for the presentation and discussion.

Got questions or ideas on the project so far?